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July 23, 2009
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Note: this is my first tf story, so cut me some slack!

Sabrina was a good-looking girl, and had just turned eighteen. She had long, flowing blonde hair, tan skin, and the perfect face. She was the girl that liked to hang out with a little bit of everybody. She hung out with preps, jocks, Goths, stoners, musicians, and you get the idea.

One day, there was a new kid in school. She was determined to befriend him, since nobody likes moving to a new school in the middle of senior year, and she went up to him.

“Hi! You’re a new kid, right?” without waiting for him to answer, she went on, “My name is Sabrina, and I thought you looked a little lonely over here all by yourself.” She gave him the warmest smile she could muster up, and waited for him to reply.

During all of this, he simply had his head lying across his forearms, with his hood covering the rest of his head. He looked up at what he took as a prep, and just put his head back down. He sighed, and lifted his head up to reply, “The name’s Drake,” He gave another sigh and let her think about it, “Sorry if I seem a little down. I am still a little sad that I had to move from my old school. I was the kid that hung out with everyone.”

She gave him an odd look, and told him that she was one of those kinds of people too. After some idle conversation, she realized that they were a lot alike. “Sooo… umm… would you like to come to my house after school and hang out a bit, Drake?”

“Sure, you’re the first person in eight hours to even talk to me. I’d like that. Besides, my mom works evening shifts, so she wouldn’t even care.”

“Cool! I’ll pick you up, where do you live?” she asked, glad that she made another friend.

“Ehh… it is a little out of the way… how about I meat you next to the Wal-mart. It is fairly close,” he seemed anxious about having someone coming to his house.
“Mmkay. Meet you there.” She left Drake with his head down on his desk, again.


She was driving in her 2006 Sebring Convertible, one of her favorite models of car. She had the top down and her sunglasses on, giving her the Hollywood actress kid of look. When she saw Drake leaned up against the light post, she pulled over to the curb and simply told him to hop in, and he did so, with the greatest of ease.

“You know that is just a saying right?” she asked giving him the look she gave her friend when she did something stupid.

He gave her the grin that meant, “Yeah, I know, I just like doing it.”

She stepped on the gas, giving them both a jerk as she sped off towards her house. “So, do you like much music?”

He looked at her and answered, “Never had much of a chance to listen. I’m always moving.”

“Why would that effect you listening to music?” she asked unsure of why he answered like that.

“Well, different places have different music, so there is a variety. Normally I stay for a few months, and move due to Mom’s business.”

She kept getting strange answers, so she just dropped the subject. “So, what does your dad do?” She looked at him, awaiting an answer, but none came. He just had a sad expression on his face, like what she said had saddened him.

“Dad passed away four years ago. We just haven’t been the same since then,” he said glumly.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to bring up bad memories. It is just that I just wanted to know a little more about you.”

He gave her a slight smile, just glad that he finally had a friend. “It isn’t a problem. He wasn’t around that much anyways.”


When they got to her house, Drake almost fainted. He was looking at one of the most gorgeous houses he had ever seen in his entire life. It was out in the woods, away from everything else, and it seemed to belong here in the woods. It was what most would consider an architectural wonder. It had a one way slanted roof that at its highest point was about 30 feet up. One side was completely glass, so they could see out to the river located only about 20 feet away from their house.

It had windows of all kinds of shapes, squares, circles, rectangles, triangles, and even some abstract shapes.

Sabrina looked back at Drake and stifled a chuckle. He shook himself off and looked at her and blushed just a little bit.

That time, she had to laugh. “Don’t worry,” she said, still laughing, “I get that reaction from a lot of people. Come on!” she led him towards the stairs, which were about as abstract as the house.

The door that they went through led Drake into one of the most beautiful kitchens he had ever seen. It had plenty of counter space, and a kitchen island. She gave him a brief tour of her home, showing him the kitchen, the living room, the den, the bedrooms, the bathrooms, and finally, her room. As she dragged him by the arm, he thought he had walked into heaven. There were pictures of dragons, feral and anthropomorphic, all along the walls.

This time Sabrina blushed. “I know, a lot of dragons. I absolutely love them! Plus… they are pretty much the only thing I can draw well…” She said, scratching the back of her head and laughing. Drake was still looking at the most detailed drawings of dragons that he had ever seen. Every single scale, every detail, was perfect.

One in particular caught his interest. It was of an egg; it had a chunk missing from it and it the head of a newborn baby dragon sticking out of it. He couldn’t stop looking at it. The baby dragon almost seemed to pop out of the page.

“You sure like dragons,” he said, snapping out of it. “Don’t worry, I do too.” He pulled his hood’s sleeve up to reveal a dragon that looked like it was slashing at you. She gasped, surprised at his devotion.

“I know,” he continued, “A little extreme, but I like it. It reminds me…” he stopped there, like he was a little embarrassed to continue.

“What?” Sabrina asked, egging him on.

“I know this sounds like I am an idiot, but I saw a dragon, just like the one on my back. I would show it to you, but I am afraid that you’d think I am an idiot.” He grinned, trying to dispel any thoughts that she might have been forming.

She pondered this for a moment, but then told him, “No, actually, I would like to see it. I want to see the dragon that you had seen,” she said with a smile that seemed enthusiastic.

He slowly removed his sweatshirt to reveal a well-toned body, with muscles rippling. But she wasn’t paying attention to that. She was looking at the detailed dragon on his back. It was standing on all fours, standing on a cliff, its body poised towards the moon. But instead of looking at the moon, it was staring directly at you, like one of the stuffed owls that’s eyes follow you everywhere.

“Oh my god…” she said with a stunned look on her face. He looked over his shoulder at her, trying to find out what was wrong. “I-I dr-drew that… when I was 15… I-I- saw that exact dragon, on that same cliff…”

She walked over to the other side of her room and plunked down on her bed. She took a key from under her pillow and inserted it into a small hole in the wall, which Drake had not even noticed. The wall clicked and a small hatch opened up, just large enough to hold a few objects. She pulled out an old piece of paper, and showed it to Drake. Indeed, it was the same piece of art on his back.

The only difference, though, was that she had colored hers. The dragon was pitch black, with a silver underside. On closer speculation, they both decided it was a she, based on the more slender figure than that of a male dragon.

“Well?” Drake asked, “What should we do? We don’t have any idea of where this is—”

She cut him off, “Who said we didn’t have any idea of where it was? I know exactly where it is.” At this, she gave him a mischievous grin.


After a few minutes of walking, they showed up at the spot depicted in both of their pictures. They were amazed at the view that this gave them. One thing that wasn’t in their pictures though, was a huge cave beside the cliff.

Drake started to walk in, and Sabina asked warily, “Wait, what if there is a dragon in there? Then what?”

Since Drake didn’t really know how to respond to this, he just shrugged and continued to walk down into the cave. It wasn’t really all that deep. He came to the end within 2 minutes. But something odd caught his eye.

He saw straw, and a cave was a strange place for straw. He followed the small trail before he came to a nest. He heard Sabrina anxiously calling his name from the entrance. He looked around the nest, and he saw something that he had never expected to see. He was looking a black egg, with three white dots on the very end, each about a quarter’s size.

He anxiously looked at it, an egg the size of a college football, and carefully took it in his hands, having a sudden urge to take it that went against all of his better judgment. He quickly returned to the entrance, showing off the egg, and having a vague idea of what it could be.


Drake visited Sabrina’s house constantly, since they decided to keep it there. They gave it constant attention, sometimes having to miss school because of it. After about three long months, they were both watching over it, and they heard a cracking noise.

They immediately snapped their heads up, looking at the egg that was now violently shaking. Drake looked at the picture of the dragon hatching that Sabrina had drawn, and looked at the egg with anticipation.

It now had formed more cracks, the little dragon trying to get out. When a chip popped out of the egg, both of the kids looked eagerly at the egg, nearly bouncing off the walls in their excitement. There were some more cracks and pops, but then after a few more chips went flying, the dragon broke free. It was a pure black and silver dragon.

Both of the watchers were paralyzed, for many reasons. Joy, excitement, fear were just a few. The dragon coughed a small jet of flame towards them, not quite reaching them, but sending them scurrying anyways.


Hours later, they were sitting on Sabrina’s bed, with the little dragon between them. Drake was playing with the little one, when he suddenly said, “Alex! Why don’t we name it Alex? It is both ways, so whatever way it ends up, the name stays!”

He seemed to like the idea, so Sabrina went along with it. “What are we going to do, Drake? We can’t keep Alex here! It’ll outgrow the house in no time!”

Drake sighed, knowing that she was right. Her parents would eventually find out about the baby dragon, so they couldn’t keep it here.

Just then, something bizarre happened. Alex all of a sudden bit both of their hands, and broke through the glass wall and ran off towards the cliff. They quickly followed, trying to think of an explanation for the broken glass. When they finally reached the cliff, they looked into the cave to see Alex sitting at the front, chirping at them. They slowly walked towards him, knowing that a loose dragon would wreak havoc on the town. All of a sudden, Sabrina said, “Why is my hand so itchy? Alex’s bite feels like it was a bug bite.”

Drake looked over at Sabrina, and noticed that there was something black on her hand. When he looked at it closer, he recognized it as scales. “Sabrina… look at your hand…” he said slowly, with a hint of fear in his voice.

She looked down at the now spreading scales. They covered her hand, and were spreading over her entire body. She looked at her body with a look of horror on her face. The scales reached her shoulder and quickly devoured it in its hasty takeover. She quickly took off her shirt, but leaving her bra on to watch the scales travel down her abdomen. The black scales on her chest quickly turned starlight silver and turned back to black along her legs. They covered her face with a slightly duller black than the rest of her body, but then the scales quit growing.

Sabrina hastily looked over her half naked body to see that it was all covered in scales. She looked at Drake, with more than just fear on her face. Just when they both thought that it was done, she announced, “My stomach… it feels weird…” Her spine started to elongate, as she looked back to see a tail burst through her pants.

She looked back at it to see that it was growing, until it nearly reached the ground. She looked at her fingers as her thumb shrank, leaving only four fingers to burst apart and grow claws. She looked at them in horror and wanted to scream, but all that came out was a roar. The same happened with her feet, bursting through her shoes.

When she thought it was finally done, She felt her spine growing two new limbs, and her skin breaking apart to let them through. She watched the thin bones spread apart and form fingers, and then more new scaly skin going to cover them, forming a thick membrane in between the fingers. After that, her stomach quit vibrating, and she was done.

All the while this was happening, Drake was going through the same changes, despite a few differences. Instead of having a silver underside, he was all black. He also grew horns through his skull.

The two were now two anthropomorphic dragons. They both looked at each other in astonishment, wondering what to do next, when they both heard a little voice. It was Alex, to their surprise, “Took you long enough to change.”

“What did you do to us Alex?” the two half-dragons asked him, with hysteria in their voices.

“Made your life better… You can know fly, and have better abilities, in case you haven’t noticed.” He said smugly.

He was right. Their new bodies were much better adapted. They hadn’t even realized they had forked tongues, until they flicked them out of their mouth due to instinct. And when they did, they could smell the world around them. There was a rabbit huddled in its burrow, a snake coiled up underneath a rock, and dung beetles forming a nest underground.

They also had better eyesight, seeing the world in a better light. They saw every dust spec around them, and they also could feel more power than they had ever imagined flowing through their bodies.

“Oh,” the baby dragon continued, “I forgot to mention, you can also change into a more, umm, feral state of dragon, and also to your former human skin.”

When the dragon had said this, the two decided to try it. Without thinking, they transformed themselves into feral dragons, and in doing so, ripping their clothes as their bone structure changed and they grew. Then, again without thinking, changed into their human forms, revealing themselves to each other. They blushed, and quickly changed back into their feral state.

They talked to each other in the dragons’ tongue, “I don’t think we should go back. Did you feel how uncomfortable it was in our human skin?” Drake asked.

“I agree. Nobody knows where we are, so it is good. I think we might need to move though, because most likely they will conduct a search of the place.” Sabrina stated.

Since they all agreed, the three dragons took off to a remote island, in the middle of the Pacific.

Just a quick break from my story, twin dragons, to get the creative juices flowing again.

I know, it seems like an abrupt ending, but i was h asleep trying to finish it...^^;
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Thanks! I appreciate it. It's been a few years since I wrote that, so I'm thinking of doing another TF story soon, but I have something larger on my plate that I'm working on amidst daily life. I'm revamping the series I did, "Twin Dragons". It wasn't my best work, but hopefully I've gotten better at writing. Thanks for the follow!!
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I licked the dragon bite idea but have the egg affect a whole family turning them into dragons and trying to live a normalish life (keep the 3 forms idea only with the parents of the family+ it is a rich family so jobs are not needed) I say a family of 5 2 girls and one boy + the two parents. You don't have to credit me on it just say a friend helped you
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Trust me. They are real fun to write. Just give it another chance, and you WILL have fun! :D
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